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Welcome to PSSTEC

Sustainable Solutions

PSSTEC is a tech-innovation and talent management company. We provide cutting edge Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services across industries. To sum up, we provide robust and sustainable solutions.

Customized Design

At PSSTEC, we facilitate clients by transforming mechanical business processes into digital systems by deep technology assessment. We at PSSTEC strive to give your business a competitive advantage by creating value with customized design solutions.

Goal Oriented

Our expertise in niche market sectors, project management, and unparalleled design implementation with a vendor-agnostic approach helps build solutions for immediate and long term goals of customer and keep them ahead of competitive world.

We make things simple for everyone.

Examine the world from your view

Our expert expeditiously understands your requisites and represents it to you in a documented format and, makes it easy to understand to all the stakeholders.

Turn conception into reality

We engender a robust and sustainable solution using the latest technology and trends to keep it open while also accepting all future transmutation in our nimble world.

Ontime incremental delivery and support

Inspired and focused minds make it possible to build a paradise in record time and to distribute the solutions on time with decent post-engagement support.

Chemistry of talents

Smart & Powerful

Experienced Workers

Champions of their field

Renowned for quality

Delivering Excellence


Consulting and Advisory

We provide consulting and advisory on Digital Transformation, Technology Transformation, Cyber Security, GRC, TCO Re-engineering, Procurement as Service, and Digital Marketing

Industry Smart Solution

Our AI and Predictive analysis tools intelligently identify the real business needs for cloud, IOT, and APP based solution with AI and Predictive Analysis.

Operations Management

At PSSTEC we also manage end-to-end solutions for operations which include Managed Services, Monitoring Audit, Staff Augmentation Warranty and Operations Management.

Training and Development

At PSSTEC we provide Training and Development for Technology, Governance and Soft Skills via Classroom and Learning Management System.

Technology Migration

Find hassle-free migration solutions with PSSTEC for both on-premises and on-cloud infrastructures. We handle complex migrations in coordinated manner by zero down the risk and challenges of migration with our experts and reliable designed approach. We focus on migrating with the power of innovation and technological expertise of our team at PSSTEC.

Network and Monitoring Services

With latest in technology, we provide the best managed network services for operations of your organization as well as look after designing and implementing new network architectures. Complete delivery of secure and optimized solution for your business. We also offer 24x7 monitoring services designed with immediate alerts and notifications.


We know that a hiring process can be taxing and time consuming. With our experience and multi-level screening we make sure that we help you find the right talent. We help acquire skills that are essential and make sure that there is value add by the talent that’s engaged.

Outsourcing Process

At PSSTEC, we handle complex tasks and load of your work via our outsourcing processes. Not only it can be easily onboard with flexibility on our commitments, but also with our intelligent customisable workflows which increases overall efficiency.

Enterprise Resource Planning

PSSTEC delivers business and technology innovation by using a cross-functional, workshop-driven methodology to leverage industry best practices and academic research excellence, and has supported large and complex enterprise systems for extended periods by designing efficient, low-risk processes for software support, maintenance and enhancement.

Technical Capabilities

PSSTEC has an adequate experience of implementing ERP rollouts for many prestigious customers. We have developed mature processes that would minimize the learning curve and communication gaps. It enables us to deliver upon seamless ERP rollouts and upgrades which meet our client’s business and technical requirements.

People Capabilities

PSSTEC has a team of competent professionals to serve its customers. PSSTEC’s professionals have deep experience of developing large and complex enterprise resource planning software solutions in outsource delivery models. Our professionals are certified in the latest tools and technologies including a number of certifications around Microsoft and Cloud platforms.

Customer Relationship Management

PSSTEC’s strategic consulting, CRM implementation, deployment and training solutions help companies rapidly re-engineer front-office processes and technologies to engage more customers and drive better sales results. PSSTEC has CRM expertise of configuring, implementing, customizing and supporting the leading CRM technologies.

Customer Relationship Management
What we offer in

The Microsoft Dynamics for you

Strategic Consulting
Implementation & Customization
Data Migration Services
CRM Product Upgrade
CRM Support and Enhancements
CRM Add-ons
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Discover The Best Way to Digitalize

Our Mission

Discover To enable organization and its people throughout the Business to realize their full potential by moving towards digital transformation.

Our Vision

Realizing the full potential of technology, trends and drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity

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Our Investors

Our registered office is in Ajman, UAE. Our Major focus is in the MEA region.

PSSTEC is in partnership with CloudSTRATS Inc. from USA. Cloud Strat is a premier cloud solution provider. Cloud Strat has strong alliances with leading technology providers. Cloud Strat has mastered the art of real‐time tracking systems. It supports PSSTEC with high-end technological innovations & adds value to the core management.

Why are we the best?

Business Centric

We believe in providing solutions that would stand against the test of times, not only will our long term partnerships allow us to evolve to any tasks but also make the system reliable and compliant for future tasks. At PPSTEC we make the system highly efficient with available resources addressing the long term challenges.

Solution Oriented

We are not just providing a resource, but the ones who would create an impact. We at PSSTEC believe in being solution oriented, thus we make sure that our resources create value and bring in effective business transformation.

Unmatched Offerings

Invested Capital: We help our clients to maximize their use of capital, and provide solutions that are the right fit. This practice allows them to grow sustainably.
Procurement as Service: We help our client to procure with least cost from technology suppliers to save from margin stack while we take responsibility and liability for design and build.

Long Term Partnerships

We believe in providing solutions that would stand against the test of times, not only will our long term partnerships allow us to evolve to any tasks but also make the system reliable and compliant for future tasks. At PPSTEC we make the system highly efficient with available resources addressing the long term challenges.

Industry Expertise

Our team of expert consultants, have on ground experience and addressed complex challenges. We provide consultants which have a proven track record in the area of your business. Making problem solving intuitive, constructive and time-bound.

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